To provide companies and organisations with efficient and reliable access to vehicle and asset data management.


Our Ve-Tech Vision software creates a simple risk “score” for use by the motor industry when accepting used vehicles as security in any transaction, Vision successfully flags potential fraud. Ve-Tech vision is made available to intermediary users who are positioned to access sufficient volumes of motor industry transaction data within a given region to enable “Vision” to operate successfully.

End users are generally financial institutions, insurance companies and revenue services, however, this varies in different markets. Our Vision software a simple % as an indicator of potential abuse be it; Mileage, Age, Model Description, prior involvement in a disputed or fraudulent transaction. However, it is Visions unique ability to accept and compare LPR (License Plate Recognition) data to any other information confirming the actual sighting of the asset and then weighing this against the information presented by the system user that provides a solid confirmation of the assets actual existence.

Ve-tech Vision is a cloud-hosted, secure, interrogative, relational data system that runs in the background accepting vehicle-related data from many sources in multiple formats. Data touchpoints are sourced from numerous systems by our intermediaries who in turn ensure that at the initiation of any and every transaction a risk % is produced, in the case of verified abuse a stop flag is raised.

Ve-tech Vision is available in the UK, Europe and Africa.



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